Being A Cheerleader Research Paper

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Being a cheerleader I know how hard it is to prepare for a cheer competition mentally and physically. But what about the parents or first time cheerleaders? They do not know how hard it is to prepare and they do not know what to prepare for. When I started a competitive cheer team, a year ago, I did not know what to expect when it came to preparing for a cheer competition. To prepare for the first competition of the year, I asked my sister what she did to prepare because she had been a cheerleader for several years and now a cheer coach. Here are some steps to help prepare for your first or last cheer competition. First thing you need to do is to make sure you have your cheer bag ready. In the bag you will need several different things. First of all you will need your uniform. Then you will need to make sure you have your bow, white shoes, white socks, makeup, and things you use to do your hair in it. Also always make sure you have hairspray with you because you will need it no matter what. When packing your bag, I would recommend putting your shoes and socks at the bottom and your uniform and bow at the top. I do it this way because those are the first two things I put on when getting ready and my shoes and socks are the last things I do to get ready. Then I would have…show more content…
The last thing to do to prepare for a cheer competition is to go over the routine several times in your head, and to know that your tumbling pass is good and you are able to do it without any problems. For my very first competition, I was extremely nervous. To help calm my nerves, I went through the routine over and over in my head. In the end, this helped me out because I knew exactly where to go. The next day you prepare for your routine by practicing the stunts several times, warming up jumps and tumbling, and running through the routine once backstage. Then you go onstage and perform your heart out for two and a half excruciating
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