Being A College Athlete Persuasive Essay

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It's More Than Just a Sport Have you ever wanted to take something you love to the next level? How could a topic get any hotter? College sports is a rising debate because students are having a tough time with going to practice every day and trying to get their school work done. With that being said, college athletes are pushing for skipping the college process and going directly to the pro level. Now from the school prospective, schools would like for the players to come for four years because it's better competition which leads to more money with television and endorsements. Now the schools and the players can not decide whether or not they can go to the pros directly out of high school. Players need to learn how to find an equal …show more content…

Finding a balance between practice time and school work is tough it really is. Then not to mention that in the off season a true athlete would be putting their work in to become a better player as well as studying to become a better student. It's really tough and take it from someone who had to go through the rough times not managing their time wisely. But you learn from your mistakes and I've learned that school is the main priority but don't let the stress take over your love for the sport. Works cited Baack, E. (n.d.). The effects of being an athlete. Retrieved September 15, 2011, from Effects of being an athlete website: http://www.eslbee.com/effects_of_being_an_athlete.htm Brandon. (2010, March 12). The Benefits for being a student athlete. Retrieved September 15, 2011, from Sideline Chatter: http://gpsathletics.blogspot.com/2010/03/benefits-of-being-student-athlete.html Cheung, G. (2002). Life as a Student Athlete. Retrieved September 15, 2011, from ecclectica: http://www.eccelectica.ca/issues/2002/3/cheung.asp Fuentes, H. (n.d.). Being an athlete. Retrieved September 15, 2011, from Sun Star: http://www.sunstar.com.ph.baguio/opinion/fuentes-being-athelte Wilson, G. (2000). Comparing Sources of stress in college student athletes and non-athletes. Retrieved September 15, 2011, from Athletic Insight:

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