Being A Founding Father

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What exactly do we make happen, or accomplish while being inactive or lazy? Some would say you can accomplish much more when always doing something. Those who believe that are completely correct. It's as simple as the alphabet. If you constantly focus your own time and energy into doing something, multiple things will come from that situation, giving you opportunity to accomplish more. Ultimately all these opportunities come from working hard and refusing to be inactive. Former President and also a founding father of our country, Thomas Jefferson once said, "Determine never to be idle... It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing." Being a founding father, its easy to see that most of his time was given to developing America, and helping it…show more content…
Each character played a significant role into helping form our country, or they died to see it prosper so others could live the dream of freedom. I guarantee not a day went by that they weren't working to accomplish their goals, or they were accomplishing their goals from working hard. The will, and drive of the colonists is what leads them to work tirelessly towards their dreams. They wish to receive the rights not granted to them by their home country, so they work towards creating a nation of their own. As a country, what we've accomplished in our short history was a result of being active members of society working towards a common goal. The only purpose i see that inactivity serves is being able to dream or wishing for things you cant obtain, because you're not working for it. People who just sit and do nothing, but expect for their situation to alter, or become better are just dreaming. There is ultimately no action into making your wishes become reality. The colonists accomplished what they dreamt of simply by working, and fighting hard day and night to become free as a nation of people. If you're not working for what you ultimately want out of life, how are
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