A Good Partner

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The journey of having a partner also starts with you. Because becoming a partner is incredibly not an easy task.And being a good partner to someone you must reconsider and require so many things.And to be able to a good partner,the most important thing you must do is to love yourself,flaws and all.You can’t expect someone to love you ,if you can’t love and accept yourself first.If you want to have a lifelong relationship with your partner,obliterate your negative self-image because your likely to self-sabotage and might hurt your partner as well.Be honest .Show who really you are.Just as you shoudn’t try to conceal or change major part of your partner as well as to yourself.Accept the real person within you,because
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Now being a partner to your partner,you must deal with your indifferences and similarities.Especcially to your interests and potentials.By being a a good listener and observer.That way,you can enjoy doing things and talking about them without getting bored.Because oftentimes having too many different interests requires you and your partner to sacrifice one’s desire for happiness of the other.Remember that they don’t have all the same interests as you ,because that would get borring.Sometimes being having a few different interest with your partner,makes life more exciting.And you get to experience some of his/her intersts that you haven’t experienced before.Which leads to the both of you to respect each other’s indifferences.Both partners should build respect to each other for they will spend the rest of their lives.Aside from respecting ,another factor to be a good partner is to be trustworthy,wherein he/she can rely on about his/her secrets in life.Because in this day and age ,it is extremely important tto have someone to be trutsed upon.And once you acquired your partners trust,if possible avoid to commit lies and omissions that might rotten your relationship to your partner.And also learn to be a responsible partner,so you could both handle your issues that you may encounter.And in times of your problem,be responsible enough to communicate with your partner to resolve your issues.Once you have communication to each other you will learn to apologize without minding if
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