Being A Marine Biologist Essay

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Marine biologists’ jobs are to study life in saltwater ecosystems all over the world. They inform people around the world about the life they interact with or observe. The reason they do this is that it tells people whether or not they should get close to them or if they are dangerous.
Saltwater ecosystems consist of life that is found or produced in the sea; that’s what marine biologist stands for. Some people are highly interested in topics such as this if they are and they stay consistent on liking it then, they might grow up to be a marine biologist. Marine Biologists don’t just study the saltwater ecosystems; they can also help it.
Some people may not be interested in saltwater ecosystems, but that does not mean people don’t
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Some good examples for deadly animals are the great barracuda, box jellyfish, saltwater crocodiles, sharks, and sea snakes. Most people probably know what these things are, but do people know how much power they really have? There are many other animals that can be as dangerous as or even more dangerous than these animals. The animals that were listed previously are extremely dangerous with the saltwater crocodiles bite pound square inch being 3,700 while the toxins of the box jellyfish attack the heart, nervous system, and skin cells, not only that but they have been known to kill a human being from heart failure before the human could even reach…show more content…
These plants sometimes look red due to their photosynthetic pigments. Now they may not seem harmful, but they are a huge threat to fish and humans. The reason they are a threat to fish is because the algae irritates the fish’s gills, eventually suffocating them. The reason they are harmful to humans is because they cause millions of dollars of damage because of they have to clean up a massive amount of dead fish, beaches have to be closed to the problem is resolved, fisheries and shell fisheries are closed to harvesting. Unfortunately, people also have to go to the hospital to get the bio toxins removed because they ate this specific
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