Being A Massage Therapist Essay

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When I get to go into high school there is going to be a widening area of places and things to do for life latter on such as preparing for a job. One of my favorites of the few jobs I have researched so far has been a Massage Therapist. A massage therapist is a person who gives massages, either light of for deep tissue, to relieve stress, muscle aches, and maybe even help people with brain issues to get better of function more normally. Before you go and get into the fancy stuff though, you must go to school and get a Postsecondary non degree award. This is not a full out degree, but more like a certificate you get if you go to pre schooling to prepare for collage. Another thing I had to find to make sure this was the right thing for me was…show more content…
Working only about 5 hours a day and 3 hours of massaging is a recommendation from experienced professionals. The strain of giving a massage can wear on your hands, wrists, fingers, upper arms, and lower back from grinding deep into the muscle to work out crinks and knots. The work hours are also split between cleaning the work space after rubbing creams and antibiotics into the clients back. Keeping up with a little paperwork and doing laundry is also part of this job. Another few tidbits about what I may be doing in the future, are the facts that most massage therapists get to retire around the age of 30-40 years old because of the physical strength required to properly work out another 's muscle strains. Plus, if you own your own business then you are able to travel to places, and also work on people you may know in your area. So basically, depending on where you want to work and if you want your own personal business, you are able to work almost anywhere. So though I do recommend being a massage therapist to you, good money, social aspect, and strength upkeep included, some other jobs have appeals. Thank you for listening to my facts for what I want when I get older, and please make sure you love your
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