Being A Nerd Essay

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John Green is right about being a nerd. Being a nerd means that you are extremely excited about what you love. For some people that’s sports, for others it’s video games, but for me it’s books. I absolutely love books. At one point when I was younger, I asked my parents to buy me a Books A Million store. Nerdy, right? The thing about books is that you can lose yourself in a world that wouldn’t normally exist in reality. Knowledge is power. I get uber excited about books, because that is what I love. If I could, I would read books all the time, and I do, just not in book form. Words are everywhere. Whenever someone calls me a nerd, I take it, because it truly is a compliment, there is nothing wrong with being a nerd. When I think of a nerd,…show more content…
He is known as the “Father of Genetics”. Darwin didn 't think he was going to get a Nobel Peace Prize, but he did. If people hadn’t read his book, I don 't think he would 've gotten the highest achievement in science. It was all because of the research he published. Books have a tremendous impact on society. J. K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, is one of the most famous authors in the 21st century. She wrote one of the best series I’ve ever read, and that was several years ago. Books have impact on the reader, and it stays for them for years. I, myself, have read books that have impacted my life, and they 've taught me life lessons. Characters like Tessa from The Infernal Devices who believed that girls couldn 't be warriors but then realized she was a fighter, David Rahm from The Stunt Pilot (Annie Dillard), who kept making art even though he knew someday he would die doing it. Sometimes these characters help us in unexpected ways, they push us to do what we’re most afraid of by giving us courage. In conclusion, John Green’s observation that the word nerd is in no way a derogatory term was correct. We, nerds love what makes us happy and for me that is a great
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