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The medical field can be a scary place for both patients and doctors. Diagnoses leave many people asking how or why. There is only so much that can be explained to patients and them have an understanding of the concept. Thus making the medical field a seemingly fearsome field. But there is a way for patients to easily grasp what is really going on. This is know as radiology. Radiologist put the words into perspective by using visual representations, or pictures, of the patient's body. Radiologist help take the stress of the patients, but is radiology a stressful career in its own. Before this can truly be answered an understanding of radiology is needed. Such as what really is a radiologist and what does it take to become one? After finding…show more content…
They have to watch over the health and well being of their patients. Radiologist must learn how to effectively communicate with clients and possible family members. To achieve this they must be alert and precise. If something were to go undetected it could have a negative impact on the patient’s health, possibly resulting in death. To become and be a successful radiologist requires many qualities. One must have perseverance to be able to complete the large amount of schooling. Accuracy is key when it comes to this field. One small mistake could cost a patient their life. Radiology would require much effort to be successful. The many responsibilities can cause high levels of stress. Being able to adapt into stressful situations and be able to problem solve is the everyday life of a radiologist. After gaining an understand of what a radiologist really is I think that it could definitely be a great career choice for me. I personally love to help people in the best way I can. By being a radiologist I would be doing just that. The career requires much schooling and many requirements. But I think with some perseverance and some student loans this would not be a problem for me. So in the end I believe that radiology would be a viable career for me to

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