Being A Redneck Essay

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“Y’all might be a redneck if you stand under the mistletoe at Christmas and wait for Granny and cousin Bobby Sue Ellen to walk by.” Laugh or be offended, rednecks can relate to this statement because they have a brother, a close friend, or they are like the man in the redneck joke. The truth is that many rednecks say y’all (not you guys) and they do have names like Billy Joe and Jerry Don. This analysis is only a part of all the cultural words that rednecks have that make their lingo so unique. By exploring a particular culture or a subgroup in a culture, sociolinguistics can be used to analyze languages (or in this case the redneck lingo). Being a redneck can mean a lot of different things and it is a label that some embrace while others hate it. Whether it is admitted or not, being a redneck is being part of a culture. Rednecks have very negative stereotypes perceived about them as well. Not every redneck is a poor, toothless, inbred, racist without an education… The fact is that being…show more content…
He grew up so close to Mexico that he would fill his truck up across the border because the diesel was cheaper. Jerry Don grew up on a farm that grew watermelon, grapefruit, oranges, you name it… He is a genuine redneck that likes to hunt, fish, drink beer in the alley, and at the end of the week he goes to Church because he loves Jesus. Jerry Don has been broke & rich in his life, but he owns a business that he travels internationally for where he gets to drink beer with all sorts of different people. Because of Jerry Don I have met many more rednecks than I ever knew existed. Rednecks in general have a great knowledge about fence building, farming, irrigation, fishing, hunting, dirt bikes, cars, and a lifetime supply of various skills. Many conversations have been had between me and the other rednecks I have been around, but Jerry Don is a lingo dictionary. You might even call him a bucket of
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