Being A Reflective Practitioner

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Being a reflective practitioner is a quality that every teacher should have. In order to give 100% to your students, you must reflect on yourself as well. Reflection makes one look at their mistakes and fix them become better with their teaching strategies. This also helps the future students due to the fact that the teacher is bettering the way that they teach. If the teachers didn't reflect, then the students wouldn't improve and neither would the students. A way for teachers to reflect is by evaluating students. Assessments are a form of evaluation for students. The teacher can then reflect on their teaching from how the students did on the assessment. Another way for teachers to reflect is to have a classroom evaluation that students, or parents, fill out during the middle and end of the semester or year. This helps the teacher really understand what they are doing well and what they should change. Explain which classes or experiences have contributed to your understanding of this standard. Many classes have helped me understand this standard. One would be Foundations of Education. In Foundations, I had a presentation on a certain section chosen in our textbooks. After my presentation I…show more content…
Through this reflection I can see the type of teacher I would like to be and the learning strategies I would like to use. My clinical evaluation was the teacher reflecting on me. Through this evaluation, I could then reflect on myself and see what I need to improve on. My teaching reflection was exactly what a reflective practitioner does. I reflected on how I did and said what I could improve in the future. I feel that this was very effective for me and helped me improve my future presentations. When making my personal mission statement, I really looked at myself and who I want to become. I then reflected on that and stated what I need to do to become that

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