Being A Self-Directed Learning

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Self-directed learning can be best described as a learner who takes initiation for their own learning. This type of learning is controlled by the learner. In other words, the learner decides if they want to participate or not. In my opinion I think self-directed learners are individuals who seek some kind of structure. They plan everything out from the very beginning to the very end. Furthermore, this can be described as a method or a process. The process starts with initiation, planning evaluating and completing all tasks. Basically, the learner plans every step. Many adult learners have to have this harmony in order to achieve learning. Although self-directed learning is usually observed in adults; I believe that others can learn in different…show more content…
What I mean by that; is that you have to want to do something or learn something in order to make it happen. Let’s face it, not all adult learners are born to be a self-directed learner; this is by choice. However, most individuals are driven by some kind of force that makes them pursue new things. Indeed, motivation can be considered a contributing factor when it comes to being a self-directed learner. However, motivation can come in many forms. This is a key element that has to come from the learner. However, there can be some down falls to this type of learning. Learning is an active force and the learner has to show interest. This is a learning skill that many people don’t have or desire to have. Furthermore, I believe this is part of the reasons why adults are considered being self-directed learners. They have the desire that most young people don’t…show more content…
They are observant when it comes to learning they use internet or on the job training as a resource to connect with new ways of learning. With the world changing on a daily bases, people tend to get quickly behind so, they have to take what they have learnt and use it towards a new method of learning. This type of learning is a way of embracing changes. It takes an open minded individual to accept new ways of learning. They seek knowledge to gain skills. To me; this is a part of being self-directed learning. These types of individuals recognize that they need to make changes so; they take initiation in their learning. Indeed, most individuals recognize their strengths and weakness and will adjust accordingly. In other words, the learner knows how to make eliminate the things that will hinder their leading process. However, many older adults just don’t like asking people younger than them for help; they would rather find out own their own. Therefore, many adults choose to increase their knowledge because of events like this. This can be part of the reason why adults are considered self-directed learners. They want to learn on their own. This can create a driving force for the older generation learners. They use this as a stepping stone in a process that creates future learning. Certainly, building knowledge is a characteristic when it comes to being a self-directed learner. Indeed,

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