Being A Teenager

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What is the hardest part of being a teenager now? What is the best part? What advice would you give a younger sibling or friend (assuming they would listen to you)?

Being 22, I am not too far from my adolescence; but looking back to these days makes me realize that I have gone through the most important period of my life which was pretty tough and full of emotions as a teenager. I believe that being a teen in today’s society is moderately challenging. It is not only about dealing with the constant and dramatic changes in both physical and mental way, but also the responsibility for making decisions that comes with maturity, which I suppose, is the most significant part about growing up. However, without a doubt, it is undeniable that there
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It is fair to state that young people today are experiencing more pressure than the past generations due to the substantial improvement in standard of living. As it happens, teens are required to make numerous moral decisions every single day. They decide what kind of person they desire to become, what they want to learn, where to go to college, what career path they would like to pursue, whether they should attend college or further their education through other options, etc. In reality, family and peers play a huge role in making decision of an adolescent, it certainly can be affected by both groups. Some studies have shown that young people seek their parents’ advice and opinions for long-term, important and hard decisions, whereas friends’ thoughts and feelings are more considerable for decisions in short-term, less influential, and less tough areas. Furthermore, since young adults tend to imitate and learn from other people around them, family and peers become enormous impacts on decision-making during the teenage. Good decision-making skills can set teenagers up for successfully handling the roles into which they will step later in life. Anyway, teens are still quite young and have not really been exposed to the outside world. Therefore, being a teenager in today’s society is really difficult in terms of…show more content…
Frankly, I think one of the most favorable parts that should be highlighted is the opportunity for obtaining part-time employment without the worry about earning money for a living. Some people choose to go job-free through their teenage years. However, having a part-time job is definitely a great way to get a taste of the real world. Even if teenagers only spend a small amount of hours each week working, these employments will certainly create opportunities for gaining valuable work experiences, which enable teens to land ideal jobs and boost their promising careers in the future. Also, part-time jobs allow for extra expenditure arising from the money teens make by themselves. Furthermore, taking on a job encourages the young’s abilities to live independently and offers them the opportunity for saving up and practicing financial decision making. In recent times, part-time employment can be found everywhere, making it the perfect chance for teenagers to have a number of choices and to look for weekend jobs and after-school
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