Being A Veterinarian Essay

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I would like to become a veterinarian. Many shorten this to vet. But, some people call them veterinary surgeons. I would like to be a veterinarian because I had a cat that got stuck in my dad’s truck fan blade. He had to be put down. I loved that cat. I then wanted to be a veterinarian. I wanted to be able to help animals. I wanted to watch them get better with my help, so I can make some little kid never go through the death of a beloved pet. This was not my first bad encounter with my cat and the vet. But this is the one that made me want to help animals every day for a living. Veterinarians have to have a lot of college. They must have a master’s degree, and then four years of veterinary school. On top of that you probably need a state licensure. This is a long time, averages about 10 years. Although they go to college a long time, they make good money. Vets average 51,530-144,100. The median is 84,460. Veterinarians have many tasks that they must accomplish. The main one is to treat animals for health…show more content…
The other tasks include: examine animals to determine what is wrong, give animals shots to prevent various diseases, prescribe medication, set broken bones and bandage wounds. After I complete college I can stay here in Tell City for my job. You do not have to move to a certain place to be a veterinarian. Vets are needed to help animals everywhere. So, if I want to move, I can. Veterinarians are very important in every area. Just think about if your beloved pet got hurt, wouldn’t you want to help them? Vets are the ones who help your pet, and make them feel better. Ever since my cat died I have dreamed of working with animals for my life time. If I got to work with them every day it would be a dream come true. If my dream shall not come true, I would like to become a computer systems engineer/architect. This job does not reqire as much college. It requires, at the minimum, an associate degree or
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