Why I Want To Stay At Home

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While we were young, we just couldn't wait to grow up. Because we want to be able to work instead of going to school, we want to have our own place so we don't have have to follow rules from our parents. We want to have our own privacy and freedom so we could make our own decisions without having to ask permission and we can't wait to get everything we want when we get out paycheck.

It is literally every young one’s dream. Little did your young-self know that once you wake up from that fantasy, you will want to go back to sleep because reality will kick in and it is way too far from your dream. Because being an adult is way more complicated than that.

#1 Teenage Dream – Having Your Own Place With Your Own Rules

Adult Real Life – Paying
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It is true but then it will also cost a lot of money. You also need to get a couch, a new carpet oh and of course some appliances (which are MORE EXPENSIVE).Well you could just get the necessary stuff first and slowly work your own out. You can still ask help from your family especially when it comes to things like this. This is when you will finally realize that

#3 Teenage Dream - Throw Parties Every Weekend.

Adult Real Life – Stay At Home, Netflix and Chill

Admit it, when you were younger, you couldn’t help wish that once you have your own place you can throw parties and have your friends over any time you want. You wouldn’t need to worry about your parents coming home too soon or finding out about it.

Now that you are an adult, you can finally do it. No one will stop you and you can literally throw parties just like what you were dreaming of. Your parents wouldn’t care if you have friends over and have a good time.

Well it is true that you can do all those stuff, but then again. You are too broke to throw a party since you just paid your rent or bills. You are too tired to go with your friends at some club to go drink till sunrise. You end up on your couch, eating cereal and watching a movie. That doesn’t sound so bad you know, some people don’t have… cereal.

#4 Teenage Dream - Have A Loving Spouse And Two Wonderful
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