Being An Athlete In College

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Athletics is a name for various sports that test speed and strength. A person who takes part in athletics competition is call an athlete. The word athletics came from the ancient Greek word for contest or competition. In able to be athletic, you have to train hard and work hard. This Greek word connect to me because I am very athletic. I spend the last four years in high school playing different sports and keep my body in great condition. I was a huge star in high school I would play football after football season finish, I would play basketball then last not at least I would run track and field. Being an athletic student mean that you have to work hard and show dedication, not only on the court or the field but also in the classroom.
This word reflected back to my freshman year in High School football was one of the
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The student use to call me speedy every time we have recess outside or gym class everyone wanted me on their team because I was fast and quick. When we play football, I would just get the ball and run straight without being touch, or tackle by anyone that 's when I notice I can run track and compete with the older kids. My first time running track I was a bit nervous because I was racing against older kids. It was the 200-meter dash was my face race, I would close my eyes and wait for the gunshot to go. When I heard it that 's when I was running as fast as I can then notice I had the lead the whole way, that 's when I become a track star. When it comes to playing basketball I didn 't play for my school because that take time away from me from running track I couldn 't do both at the same time, therefore I was unable to play basketball for my school but I would play it with my friends, at the park where they refer to me as an Nba player known as Nate Robinson because I was short, fast, and quick. if it wasn’t for track and field I would’ve had play basketball for my
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