Being An Effective Nurse Leader Essay

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I think Leadership is an important skill for the nurses of all levels. Being an effective nurse means being an effective leader as well. My personal experience shown that workplace environment, teamwork and patients care are depending on nurses leadership skills. Mahoney described leaders as being “visionary, equipped with strategies, a plan and desire to direct their teams and services to a future goal ” (2001) . I think leaders should be also passionate, dynamic and have a motivational and inspirational influence on other people. Some of the people can be considered “born” leaders, others has to develop those skills daily. They never stop learning and growing. It could take the hole career to become an truly leader. In my opinion, for many new graduates, practicing effective delegation and supervision, building relationship and trust within the healthcare team and creating a supportive work environment is very important. Therefore, it supports knowledge development and integration. Nursing leader takes a proactive role and approach to implementing changes that will improve patients care and clinical process. Moreover, he/she advocates for…show more content…
To be an effective nurse leader means encouraging and enabling other people to act and use the power and skills they have. In my opinion, effective nurse leaders are those who involve every member of the health care team and recognise collaboration and provide choices and support the decisions of others. They are active listeners and foster collaborative relationships in order to build leadership. They are empowering others, rather than taking control and building a trustful environment where everyone contributes actively and feel valued by the healthcare
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