Being An Immigrant Essay

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When I came to this country, unlike others, my family had no experience with how things worked here. Which meant whatever I learned here, was just a new to them as it was to me. My education became more about encountering and trying new things than about succeeding. Because you can succeed if you don’t know how things worked around here. From the moment, I set foot in this country, I knew no one will ever give me anything on a silver platter. The Even basic information I must find so I can be ahead of the curve. Being ahead of the curve was the only way I could have secured my path to achieving a similar or higher lifestyle as everyone else here. But this meant that I would have to assimilate into a culture I was unknown to. The best part of…show more content…
But put in a setting that exposes you to a different culture with a new life. This opportunity allows me to view two different worlds at the same time. You can choose the ideas and culture you want to adopt. I had the benefit of looking above the cultures of two different nations and picking specific parts which seemed to be beneficial as a total. There was no limit to my expanse of knowledge and assimilation. Since there was no one society that I belonged to, I can live in the best of both worlds. Another good thing about being an immigrant is that you learn to do everything by yourself. When there is no support behind you, failure does not become an option. There is no one to rely on, no past experiences that have supported you or people you can rely on for information. It has made me who I am, I have become more independent and more responsible for what I must do. Throughout the experience, I have learned how to gather the resources that I need to succeed, the hard work immigrants must do to assimilate into a new country leaves a lifelong mark positively. And on me, it has taught me how to never give up, because there’s no one I can fall back on. All I have is myself and my will to accomplish what I
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