Being An Orthopedic Surgeon Essay

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How can an orthopedic surgeon have any interest or skill in being a businessman? How does this benefit the man himself and the world around him? While being an orthopedic surgeon you learn all about the human body. You learn on how each part of your body can interact with one another. Being an orthopedic surgeon you have one source of income of operating and caring to patients with musculoskeletal injuries. When only having one source of income you never know what could come your way and take you out of your job which is where the businessman comes in. When being a businessman you want to be able to deal with something you are interested in. While being an orthopedic surgeon you know all about the body and how to cure certain injuries or how some exercises or special advances will fix the body. The advantage of having two things in common with yourself and turning it into something big that will change how the world treats and cures injuries is what these two occupations will accomplish together. The first step to achieving this high goal career…show more content…
According to an article done by you must take biology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology and physics to achieve this degree. These classes are not only essential to getting into medical school but also to help with the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). The MCAT is a test that shows how much you know about the medical field and if you are “smart” enough for medical school. All my college life will be is taking any opportunity I can to get above everyone else. Medical school is very competitive so I will need a close to perfect GPA with a great MCAT score. Another thing that will help me get into medical school is volunteering or interning at a hospital or clinic to show my interest and experience in a medical atmosphere. This will change how medical schools look at me and they will know that I am highly
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