Being Bilingual: The Importance Of Learning A Foreign Language

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THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING BILINGUAL Today, learning foreign language is one of the most important topics. In the globalized world being bilingual has a lot of advantages besides that learning a new language has become a necessity. Surfing on the Internet, talking to people from other countries making business trips easier may be considered as some of the advantages of being bilingual. According to some researches, learning a new language affects brain positively . American Association explained in a meeting which had organized by them in 2011 " People who do not speak a foreign language have a higher risk of developing Alzheimer's disease" (Vivahiba, 2014). Also, according to a scientific research which made in…show more content…
Communication is a really important factor in our lifes and we provide this with using varied languages. There may be questions about how people communicate well or what should be done for effective communication. For this, choosing appropriate words, using language effectively, and having information about the subject are important. Because without using language well or without having information, we can not describe what we really want to tell. For not to be misunderstood, we should choose suitable words for our subject that we are talking about. Secondly, learning a new language makes you a better listener, it develops your creativity. According to some researchs bilingual people's attention, blocking noise and tone detection capabilities are improved than the others. Also, speaking without thinking and building meaningful sentences something which is really hard with a different language. Therefore being bilingual supports speaking fluently, nice selection of words and ability to play with words. A second language supports intellect and memory which are the foundations of…show more content…
A foreign language can be forgotten again very comfortably, therefore it requires orderly repeat in daily life. In this sense, reading foreign papers and writings on the internet, watching foreign series and movies without subtitles, making foreign friends to obtain and talk profusely, moreover if your budget is suitable going abroad and staying here for a definite period can influence positively your language skills; because making practise and speaking with other people is the most important part of learning and developing a

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