How To Be Blind To Beauty Essay

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Ntenda Kalenga Topic 1 -- “Just because you’re blind, and unable to see my beauty, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist” - Margaret Cho -- According to Google, beauty can be defined as “a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.” This is what most people erroneously consider beauty to be, however; beauty is a concept, thus it is indefinable because of the various interpretations that we associate with it. To be blind to beauty is to be oblivious to its effects on people and society at large. To be blind to beauty is to associate it solely by it’s ever-changing physical façade rather than its internal, camouflaged nature. The first common misconception is that there is only one classification of beauty and that is physical appearance; the second is that there is only one type of physical beauty. Physical beauty is either linked to the traditional tall, slim exotic looking woman; or more recently; the curvaceous, confident, sensual woman. While it is fantastic that there are now two, contrasting definitions of physical beauty; there are still only two. So instead of only having Kendall Jenner to admire, we now also have people like, Denise Bidot. What people don’t realise is that physical…show more content…
People might value their internal beauty more than their physical beauty but, because it is according to their own distinctive principles, they exclude and fail to acknowledge other perceptions of the concept. People judge each other falsely because beauty is subjective. People judge each other according to their own definitions of the concept and so are oblivious to the other contributors that create a person’s character. This invalidates other people’s perceptions of beauty because they feel underrepresented especially if only one aspect of beauty is widely

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