Being Bored Research Paper

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Have you ever been bored? What if i told you all that boredom could RUIN YOUR LIFE! This is why it 's important to debate whether or not we need more boredom. Some people would say boredom is a good thing,But i would care to differ. Being bored is the worst, it can lead to drug abuse, anxiety, and is just plain unenjoyable. First of all being bored is unenjoyable. Have you ever felt that feeling, where you feel like you need to do something or you will die, you turn to hobbies to push the feeling away but no luck. This is boredom sounds pretty unenjoyable right? In fact most people despise boredom which supports the fact that boredom is well, boring. Second of all, boredom can lead to poor decisions like drug abuse. Drug abuse is very bad
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