Being Consumed Economics And Christian Desire By William T. Cavanaugh

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In the book “Being Consumed Economics and Christian Desire” William T. Cavanaugh covers a couple of important topics in the economic world some which are sometimes suppressed and not talked about freely and some which are sometimes misunderstood and he evaluates these rather well. He explains his idea of thought on them. The major topics of the book are Consumerism, Globalisation and a major topic is “freedom” in the market place and how that is portrayed through countries and companies. It feels like William is trying to portray through his writings that the free trade world that we know of is actually more complicated than just the top that we see. It goes a bit deeper and has more meaning to it really. He stresses the point a couple of times in his book that the so called free trade is ruining a lot of people’s lives as the free trade is not fair towards the employee as it is to the employer. I believe he achieves what he has set out to do in making people aware of the trend of subconscious economical lifestyle we have lead ourselves into. It feels like he is trying to make us aware of this through taking that which is very evident such as the likes of globalisation and through the hunger of the market. I enjoy his little examples that he puts in here and there which really makes it easier to understand what he is trying to bring across. As the title is “Being Consumed Economics and Christian Desire” it helps us see the spiritual side of economics and how some states of
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