Plot Summary Of The Play 'Much Ado About Nothing'

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In my opinion, I consider the play mainly support the idea of marriage as business, however, in some part as pleasure. I will analysis it from the play and also make compare of today’s idea of marriage. The play reveals the portrayal of marriage during the late Victorian era. During that time period, a marriage states was a business deal or a contract made for money and power accompany with the rule of a marriage will be permitted if the couple intending to marry belonged to the same class. It is the strict class system in that time and it perpetuates the gap between the upper, middle and lower classes. According to narrator’s view, Victorian values were perpetuated mainly through marriage, which was a careful selection process. It brings…show more content…
The importance of being earnest holds two views on marriage, “business” and “pleasure”. For Lady Bracknell, her perspective of marriage is “business”. She believes that marriage is one must marry wealthy in order to improve the social status and live well. But for the younger generation like Jack and Gwendolen, their perspective of marriage is “ pleasure”. There are the romantics between them and they believe one should fight for their love. Considering today’s society, many couples marriage is based on love. People are always talking about feeling, and to consider how much they love their companion in order to discuss the process of marriage. It seems to resemble the characters of Jack and Gwendolen, who marry for love, but do not become infatuated to the point of complete senselessness and the beliefs of business marriage is quite outdated in today’s society. Still, there exists some traditional thoughts in middle class and upper class’ s family. From my point of view, I am agree with the idea of marriage as “pleasure” which I am quite appreciate with what Jack do in the play to fight for his love. I don’t agree with the traditional thinking with Lady Bracknell holds. I don’t think marriage can be measure by ones’ wealth or status. What’s matter is love. I believe love is an important element to improve a relationship and marriage require love to maintain. When one
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