Cause And Effect Essay About Being Human

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Being human is not always about if we have skin, or bones, or even the ability to talk to one another. Many different animals all have these things but we have different names for them, and none of them are ¨Humans¨. Humans, just like animals, have a brain, but our are more complex than others. Our brain connects everything; it's like the motherboard of a computer, we can't function without it. Humans are giving the ability to make memories and remember them later on. Being human is the ability to make memories with the people around you. Memories: the ability to store, remember and pull information from the brain. Could be people, places, feelings, and moments in one's life. Humans are given the wonderful gift of remember things and pulling…show more content…
A memory that lasts a lifetime is one that will be chalk full of emotions. We will remember certain things forever because of the effect they have on us. Different moments pull on our heart strings more than others. Most people will remember a traumatic experience or a happy moment where their whole world had changed for the better. When a parent sends their first child off to college it is in that moment where they feel the most pain, but they also have a feeling of pride and happiness because they have raised their child to the best of their abilities and love them will all their heart and can´t wait to hear all the exciting stories. One memory that no one will forget is their first kiss. A first kiss is a moment when time stops and a rush of so many different feelings flow from head to toe. This is a moment that will be kept forever. They will remember remember who, where, and how they felt. When a life changing experience or event happens in one's life it is that one memory that we will carry forever and never forget. A first kiss is the moment where they feel a little older, a little taller, and more adultish. A first kiss is a once in a lifetime event that can only happen once, and once it does, there's no going back. It will stay

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