Being Idle Research Paper

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We are given but one life, to experience everything this world has to offer. This is a daunting and impossible task, yet it is our mission in life to be happy, to find success, and to experience as much as possible in our big world. Being idle is time wasted, and does not serve to accomplish our endeavor. I agree with Thomas Jefferson's quote, I believe we live better when we are always doing, always loving, and always accomplishing new things. To what purpose does being idle serve? Some would say that is it a necessity for us humans to rest and recuperate. While this may be true, many misinterpret or use this reasoning as an excuse for their own lack of action. In truth, being idle is best used briefly as a break before your next adventure. Those who would live in a state of laziness and inaction are committing a disservice to themselves, and sadly, to their…show more content…
Now I ask you, what can you gain from work? Many will shy away from the word, as they recede back into their den of complacency. Others however, will embrace it. These men and women that strive for great things do not sit idly by, but rather they dedicate themselves to accomplish what others wouldn't dare. It is those that are not complacent, that will create the change in this world. Members of our society like; Rosa Parks, George Washington, Vanderbilt, and Abraham Lincoln are remembered as the forces that shaped our society for the better. These men and women did not sit idly by and watch events unfold. Rather, they worked and fought for change, and that is why they will go down in history. It may be true that we may never have the opportunity to change our societies on the level that those who are remembered did. However, we can always improve upon ourselves. We can all work to become a better person, but we can not accomplish self improvement by being idle. We can not experience new and amazing things whilst we are
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