Being In Honduras

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Jean –Jacques Rousseau believed that technology, knowledge and science corrupts human beings, and that human nature is good. The more knowledge a person have, many take greed into their hand or the more money a person has they believe they are better than another person. Some also believe the more money they have, the more problems they will have in their life. There is a saying that goes “it’s better to be poor and happy than being rich and miserable.” In the case of technology, it is something that corrupts human beings. People do not think for themselves anymore, they have become inadequate thinkers. Human beings rely on technology so much, that it is something we have become attached to. In life, it is better to strive for a simple…show more content…
Being In Honduras summer ago, the people I met were just getting by in their life or they did not have much for their next meal, but they were the kindest people I have yet to meet. They offered help to one another when they possibly could. They thought about others before they thought of themselves. The Honduran people had such joy to life, even if they were struggling to get by through the month. Seeing people over here in the United States, who just always try to make their life seem difficult because they want more out of it, some for greed, you can tell how different these two places are. In the view of technology during this century, it is everything to human beings now. A person is attached to their handheld devices now. The people in this society have now been attached to their laptops, even more their cellphones that are capable of being used just as their laptop…show more content…
For the past years, technology has taken its course and been able to do jobs that at one point in time was an actual person’s job before. Many factories now a days do not have the employees they use to have, everything is computer based. Instead of helping others these technologies have made people lose their own jobs because they have been taken out by computer based machines. These technologies will decrease the amount of labor needed by big companies, it is cheaper to pay for the machines then it is to continue paying people for jobs that is done in lesser time by these machines. It is mass-quantity that people care about now a days. The more advanced we get in machinery the lazier people become. Children now a days would rather stay inside and play video games than go outside to play. Children do not love playing sports as they once did, because they rather stay inside and play with any new electronic device they may have. Rousseau sense of technology taking over and being concerned over money and physical appearances does corrupt our society. We take our appearance to a level that it only matters what you look like from the outside than what you may have to offer. Our technology is now just making our society lazier than they already are, and the more advance we get the worse the situation
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