Being In Prison Analysis

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For some people who are serving a life sentence, being in prison is too much to handle. In January two inmates, David Sweat and Richard Matt, began planning their great prison escape. On June 6, 2015 both prison inmates escaped from a maximum security prison in New York. Even though the duo spend several months working together to execute a plan, the pair was not alone in their planning. In order to escape they needed to get the help of a prison employee. Even when the odds were against these two men, they were determined to get a taste of freedom one more time. Both Richard Matt and David Sweat have been described as being “evil” men. A man name Lee Bates, who was Matt’s accomplish, witnessed Richard Matt snap his victim’s neck in 1997. Bates described the event stating, "Torture is probably an understatement.” He said Matt shoved a knife sharpener in his victim 's ear at one point then beat and punched William Rickerson in an attempt to get money from the businessman. When Rickerson didn 't comply, Matt broke his neck then dismembered the body. Richard Matt was sentenced and received 25 years in prison. David Sweat was sent to prison for shooting and killing a Sheriff’s Deputy during a robbery in…show more content…
This is where the men met a Clinton Correction seamstress worker by the name of Joyce Mitchel. Joyce Mitchel and Richard Matt began a romantic relations, which prompted Mitchel to agree to assist the men with their escape. Mitchel stated, “I was already bringing stuff in to him, and didn’t really feel I could stop,” she said, adding that Mr. Matt assured her that “they were getting out, and we were all going to be together.” Joyce Mitchell voluntarily supplied the tools, she hid hacksaws in frozen meet and delivered it to Richard Matt. “Each time he would ask me for a tool, I would go to the store and get them,” she said on June 8, two days after the escape (New York Times: Prison Worker who
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