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Being in the US Army I am writing this paper to dig deeper and enhance myself with more information about the US Army. While writing this paper I want to verify that I’m making the right decision for my life .I want to verify that I’m making the right decision because I have slight bias on joining the army as a black woman. I say that because it is already hard enough being a woman in the Army; they already face discrimination and I just feel that I need to making the right for my own safety and good. Along with that, I feel that writing this paper will help me conceive a pictures of what I’m getting myself into when I graduate highschool. Throughout this paper I am willing to surpass the expectations for myself. By surpass my own expectations I am digging deeper into the Army itself and find out everything there is know about being a woman in the Army and just in the Army in general.…show more content…
Battle Dress Uniform is a camouflaged fatigues, they are used by the US Armed Forces. It’s the soldiers standard uniform for combat crisis. BDU is used for utility, field, training or combat uniform. They are not to be used for all purposes. They can only be worn on duty, when told by your commander. BDUs are not supposed worn off post. Only when your commander assigns to BDU should you ever be wearing BDU. Beside all of the working and training, there is some pros and cons to being in the army. Some pros could be, leadership training because, upcoming soldiers are taught to take responsibility for other. For example, the army influencing other to overcome difficult obstacles, such as fighting for our country. So the us, civilians, don’t really have to worry as much. Another is, self direction. I say self direction as a pro because, being in the Army can help you by, after being hopefully honorably discharged. When you’re faced with difficult situations, you can overcome them with minimal damage to yourself or

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