Being Independent Research Paper

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When I was a child, I always liked to be a positive person. If you are a positive person you seem to be in a better mood. To be yourself you have to be a positive person. By feeling confident about yourself, having less drama, and being the real you. First and foremost, to be yourself, you can try being independent. By being independent, you can stay away from drama. A better explanation would be Most people who aren 't independent want to be like someone else. To prove a point If you are a copycat/ wanna be people aren 't going to be around you. By being independent there will be less drama. Moreover, if you accept yourself you will be more confident about yourself. As an illustration most people don 't accept their self because, the way they look. If you can accept yourself then you will be more happy about yourself. By being sad you will be less confident about yourself.…show more content…
Furthermore, If you be yourself then people will know the real you and probably like you better than the person you are acting. If you all the time want to hide yourself then others are not really gonna want to be around you. By being yourself people will know the real you. Although some believe that not being yourself is the right thing, this statement is a fallacy. Being yourself can cause you to feel more confident about yourself. Others notice when you try to be like/ act like them. Most people will talk behind your back if you was to for example try and dress like them. To summarize, begin yourself you will feel confident about yourself, there will be less drama, and people will know the real you. By being the real you people will want to be more friendly towards you. Being positive can change the way people look at
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