Difficulty Of Being Nice Analysis

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The Difficulty of Being Nice. I am certain a familiar dilemma wouldn’t be uncommon for those who have associated in particular with the voluntary/ non-profit sphere. Moreover, there seem to be an implicit ‘rule of thumb’ that sets the game between an intervening agency and the beneficiary. Notably, it broadly emphasise it is a matter of obligation/ charity for the former, while for the latter it is about survival/ dignity. No matter, every time the dice is cast, it seemingly rolls out for the latter. Equally, it appears the ‘burden of destiny’ is rightfully theirs to interpret. In fact, there is a vast chasm on how one think of the ‘other’, there are occasions I fancy to be R.B. Stevenson’s characters- Jekyll & Hyde- to help me take a schizophrenic hitch where I could trace the…show more content…
I bet, it will be eureka moment! Nonetheless, my reality is no ‘Shutter Island’, it is Medi. It would not be difficult to locate Medi, for a first timer, it’s a one stop 26 km drive from Kotra to Cheekhla and to Medi. All the more, one can rely on other sources, it prides of having the only proactive Women Resource Centre (WRC) in Kotra. Further, if it does not satisfy ones quest of being an explorer, the weed route will lead you to this village, regionally known for producing the finest quality. I have been fortunate enough to have a warm reception into this village. Altogether, I think it is because of the person who introduced me to this place, if there is one line to describe him, it would be, “sharp eyes, impeccably wise and godfather of the Bhagats in Medi”. Born to a farmer, with an early childhood infection in his thigh that left him crippled, which also explains why he walks slanting. Additionally, a medicine man with good knowledge of mantras. The story begins with his high school years in Kotra, he would notice a sadhu (holy man) by the river. Likewise he did not just pass him, but would
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