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This is a peculiar mate to live with, because in some areas I am under-sensitive and in others I am over-sensitive. Once I had to explain it at an ER, and the receptionist nurse ended up writing that I was confused. That gave me a good laugh.

Being over-sensitive to touch can be a good source of laughter.

First of all, If I am not touched on a regular basis I lose some of my body awareness. At the institute of speech, I was told to shower my foot soles daily to provoke my nerve lanes and to create a wholeness in my body.

Another challenge is that it makes me a bit awkward when hugging people, or if people touch me when I am unprepared. I can get jumpy, and therefore the best thing for me is to be with people, who just hugs me and touches
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The concept of food affecting the body besides diabetes was In general, not accepted in the Danish health care system. Therefore, I did not get my diet on track before I received help from an unconventional dermatologist and the radio-doctor. They provided me with knowledge about food sensitivities and sensitivities in general, tools to monitor my reactions and ways to test out different substances.

The dermatologist had two ways to test for sensitivities and intolerances: provocation - this is the fastest method, but since I was sensitive and had some severe reactions, he advised not to use this method. exclusion - this is a slower but safer method, when you are sensitive in the body.
One food-item is removed entirely from the diet for three to four weeks, and then if there is an improvement, it is the first sign. With some food-items it only takes a few days to experience a significant improvement like lactoses and gluten.
Then I include the food-item again and if the symptoms returns, I remove it from my diet again and see what happens.
In the periods where I have a Doctor, who understands the sensitivity thing, I discuss the result with my

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