Being Prey By Eckel's And Plumwood Summary

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What if you have been given rules to follow, Eckel’s and Plumwood both were given rules that they were supposed to follow. But they didn’t so they were put into danger. In “Sound Of Thunder” Eckel’s stepped off then path and killed a butterfly and it changed the future. Also in “Being Prey” Plumwood went into the wrong part of the swamp and got attacked by a crocodile. In the stories “Sound Of Thunder” and “Being Prey “There settings are in “Sound Of Thunder” it was in the future of 2055. In “Being Prey “it was in Australia and present day. “Sound Of Thunder” It was in a prehistoric time during the T-Rexes. In “Being Prey” there were crocodiles that made it deadly. That’s why these points were picked. In the stories “Sound Of Thunder” and “Being
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