Being Stranded On A Tropical Island Essay

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Being stranded on a tropical island would be paradise. I disagree with this statement because surviving is hard. Although you may feel more relaxed alone, you won’t be able to speak to anyone or have somebody to lean to. Additionally, you will have to find shelter, food, and water all by yourself. Children can naturally organize themselves. I both agree and disagree with this statement. In times of panic, children will definitely try to do everything they can to survive. However, in some cases, children may need help or training to organize themselves. Our environment can greatly impact the course of our lives. I agree with this statement. The environment we live in determines how we evolved as humans and affects the way we live. Humans will have to find ways to adapt to a new environment…show more content…
I agree with this statement. People often don’t know what to do, so they follow someone. Sometimes people are scared to speak up and ask other to do it for them. A good leader must have charisma. I agree with this statement. The followers need to be able to like their leader and get inspiration from them. However, if the followers do not like their leader, they might rebel or protest. A good leader must have moral integrity. I agree with this statement because in order to lead, you need to build trust with people around you. When people believe in you, they know you are a good leader and will trust your decisions. People are essentially good at heart. I both disagree and agree that people are essentially good at heart. I think that this solely depends on how the person were raised and came to be in the world. Nature and the environment around the person can also have something to do with their behavior. These is usually a clear-cut winner in most conflicts. I disagree with this statement. Conflicts are not always resolved and people can be confused on who won/lost. Society does not need police or written laws to keep people
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