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Success As an athlete, school can be tough at times, especially basketball players. Have you ever thought of how boring school is and just wanted to give up? School can be pretty challenging for some individuals. Every athlete on earth wants to be successful but they really don’t know how to be successful. There are many steps to succeed in school. There are three steps of becoming successful in school, first you have to go to class daily, work hard, and use your knowledge to do what is right. First you have to go to class because grades are a huge impact for most athletes. As a basketball player, if your grades are below C, you’ll find yourself on the bench watching the whole season, unless you’re an unstoppable machine on the court. To most athletes, grades come before basketball. As a freshman in school, my Coach once told me, “If you focus and get your grades up, you’ll find yourself a spot on varsity.” As an athlete you have no choice. Why would you want to skip school but show up to practice? If you go to class daily, focus in class, & do your work, you can be successful. There are people who skip classes because they are boring. Second thing you need to do in order to become successful is work hard. When you take the time to work on yourself, great things will start to happen for you. After practices try to put in extra time to…show more content…
Teachers are always on your back, classes are boring, and all you want to be is in the gym. There are times where you just cannot believe all the homework you have to do in a small amount of time because your too busy playing basketball. There are three steps of becoming a successful athlete in school. As an athlete, first you have to go to class daily. Next, you go to work hard. Finally, you have to use your knowledge to do what is right. Now that you know, try to apply at least one of these steps into your life, and you will probably witness some pretty remarkable
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