Being The Oldest Child Research Paper

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Being the oldest is not a lot of fun since your parents expect more from you than the other siblings, for example, my parents expect me to be more responsible when it comes to school work, grades, chores, etc. Additionally, I’m expected to be a good role model by getting good grades and being a good and behaved child and help my little brothers with their homework and also finish mine on time. Furthermore, I get yelled at for the stupidest things just because of younger siblings or even younger cousins, for example, at my cousin 16th birthday party, she had an Akhand Path and all the kids were gathered in a room since they didn’t want to sit there for a long period of time. Moreover, since I also went there after a little while, I was supposed to keep all the little…show more content…
Therefore, I tried to keep them quiet, but when they got too loud I got yelled at and when I told them to be quiet… I got yelled at again since I said it too loud. It was very frustrating and annoying. In addition, my parents expect me to grow up a lot faster then my younger brothers and I am alright with that but what I don’t like is that my youngest brother, who is 11 turning 12 this year, acts and is treated as if he was a 5-year-old. Overall, being the eldest child is stressful, in addition, the eldest child has to share everything with their younger siblings. However, if I wasn’t the oldest child and instead had an older sister instead of younger brothers, although I can’t imagine my life without those little brats around, a lot would probably change. Since I would have fewer responsibilities, fewer expectations, someone other than my parents and friends to rely on, and someone to talk to other than my mom and friends. I would probably become rebellious since I don’t have to worry much about responsibilities and expectations, for example, I wouldn’t care much about my grades since my older sister would get
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