Being There By Hal Ashby Essay

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The film “Being There” by Hal Ashby is a story about the character Chance the Gardener, a simple-minded man, who did not have any parents and was taken in by the old man whom he spent much of his life with. Chance was never allowed outside as he was told by the old man to never leave until several years later. When the old man died, Chance was forced to leave his home and set out on a journey to explore and experience things that he had seen only through the television (TV). Throughout the film, it became evident that the movie would be understood as a satire on religion as it particularly relates to themes that resonate in Christianity. By analyzing three specific scenes: (one) where chance was taken in by Eve and her husband; (two) where Chance is given the opportunity to have sex with Eve; and (three) where in the end of the film Chance is seen…show more content…
Everything Chance learned was from watching TV and then he took that knowledge and shared it with others all around just as how Jesus learned from God and shared his own values and beliefs with everyone around him to follow. Also, throughout the film, many people that encountered Chance openly expressed their problems and feelings as Chance’s personality allowed others to feel better and occasionally was even able to solve the problem. Similarly, this can be related to how followers would express their concerns and thoughts to Jesus and he helps them out with his wisdom. Therefore, the last scene holds a lot of significance as it puts humour on religion, as religion is supposed to be believed in, not followed. All in all, when Chance is walking on the water, it is a satire on religion as it makes fun of Jesus, a religious figure, by comparing him to Chance, a simple-minded individual, by giving him the power to walk on
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