Being Too Good In Lord Of The Flies

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Being too good could be bad but being too bad could be good, William Golding the author of Lord of the Flies takes the reader on an adventure to meet different characters and to see their personalities...the reader gets to know the main characters in the story, Ralph and Jack, who have two different personalities, Ralph is very good at the beginning of the book he is a very good leader, and helps lead the boys to safety when they are in danger but towards the end of the book when the boys are getting rescued, Ralph only wants it for himself, and so he cries like an ¨evil man 's heart¨(Page # 202). Jack starts out bad but becomes somewhat good and helps people instead of going crazy like ralph does. He helps the boys towards the end of the book. William Golding presents the idea that people are not born good or evil; rather the moral nature of a character is determined by their environment.
In the text lord of the flies it states ¨So you see¨” said Ralph ¨ We need hunters to get us meat¨( Golding 33)...¨ Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man 's heart...¨(Golding 202). This quote shows that
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Well the other boys reacted to this badly and a ¨war¨ broke out. Jack said some mean things and Ralph said some mean things and Simon said some mean things and they all were related to Piggy, but what I don 't understand is that piggy was the only one who was actually doing the right thing he was the only one with the specs and he started the fire and helped them to get rescued because of him, without Piggy the boys would still be on the
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