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Transgender is a term that is used to categorize a group of people who identify as the opposite gender than they were born as. These people are just normal people who believe that they were born into the wrong sex. Linda Thompson wrote, “Being transgender, like being gay, tall, short, white, black, male, or female, is another part of the human condition that make each individual unique, and something over which we have no control. We are who we are in the deepest recesses of our minds, hearts and identities. So, if we can't choose what we are why do we discriminate against transgender people? Transgender people are a group of people who deserve to have the same rights that cisgender.
Transgender people should be able to play in sports with
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Lyle Denniston has written about many articles for the He is a reliable source because he has been a journalist for 63 years. Not only has he been a journalist but he also has reported on the supreme court for 50 years now. Dennistion has also written two books about the court system and about America’s constitution. Denniston’s audience is supposed to be people who are transgender and also people of the court system. In his article Transgender People Allowed to Join Military discusses how Trump is trying to get transgender people banned from being in the Military. He states in his article that “The total ban on transgender individuals serving or joining was announced on Twitter by President Trump last July, to completely undo a policy of the Obama Administration that would allow those individuals to continue in the ranks or to join.” Denniston also discusses that Trump has two federal agents who have block Trump's attempts to ban transgender people from joining the military. Right now their are going to be some extra rules for people who are transgender to be able to join the…show more content…
These people should not be able to use a bathroom that they identify as, however they should use the bathroom that they were born as. Emma Green the author of Half of Americans Don’t Think Transgender People Should Be Able to Pick Their Bathroom, states in her article that
“Americans are still divided on transgender rights and identity. In a new study from Pew Research Center, 46 percent of respondents said transgender people should be required, presumably by law, to “use the public restrooms of the gender they were born into.” Fifty-one percent of those surveyed said the opposite—that transgender people should be allowed to use the restroom of their choice.”
During the article Green uses many examples of surveys done by other places as well. Some of her examples are a CBS survey, Gallup poll, and even a New York Times poll. She uses these examples to show how each public poll done is not 100% accurate. Her audience are those who want to know how likely it is for transgender people to get their rights Emma Green is a reliable resource because she writes for The Atlantic. She writes about many different topics such as religion, policy, and politics. Even though there are these polls out there saying that transgender people should not have the right to use the bathroom of their choice. There is more evidence such as the evidence from Trotta that shows us why these people should
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