Being Vegetarian Satire

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When I was eleven I watched a few clips I found on YouTube about animal cruelty and how the animals we eat are raised and later slaughtered. The first video I watched was about how pigs are raised so close together that they can’t move and then knowingly killed in a slow painful slaughter of slitting its throat and letting the animal bleed out. This to me as a child was absolutely horrific and I decided right then that I would become a vegetarian. My road with vegetarianism lasted about 3 days until I was eating some fast food and I could not resist the orange chicken that was an option in front of me. I was tired of all the vegetables and I didn’t like beans, the main staple of an avid vegetarian eater. Even though my intentions were to be ethical and stop supporting the mistreatment of animals, I wasn’t well enough prepared to successfully carry out the lifestyle of a vegetarian and for my own health I’m glad that I…show more content…
If you are choosing to eat vegetarian and you are not doing it in the right way, the health risk that your lifestyle is imposing is very high. If you become vegetarian, you have to make sure to incorporate a lot of different sources of protein and nutrients since you aren’t getting that from meat. Unlike most meat consumers, you can’t eat whatever you want as a vegetarian because you have to ensure that your body is getting enough nutrients (Health). But why is eating meat really so much healthier for you? Our bodies are simply designed for meat consumption. As humans we have always relied on earth foods and meats to survive. We can’t get the same balance of nutrients without meat that or bodies were designed to function off of. The way our bodies digest and function closely rely on the nutrients from meat. Our bodies need an important balance of foods in order to function properly and without meat your health is at risk because of maybe a lack of essential vitamins and nutrients
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