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Teamwork allows members of a group, to rely on one another for support. A successful team must communicate well with one another, work hard, have the same mindset to succeed, as well as patience with one another. These are some important factors in making a team work well together.
Belbin is a tool created by Meredith Belbin. This tool is used to help people understand the tendency to behave, provide, and connect with others in a certain way. Belbin has identified nine different types of team roles, it was utilized to help identify what my roles are in a team. Belbin is considered a behavioral test. It helps people identify what they are best as in a business environment. Belbin has developed nine different team roles. There as a plant, resource
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This person from the group, often explore available options, develop contacts and bargain for resources. Resource investigators are often enthusiastic, outgoing, and extroverted.
Coordinators are the those who take on the traditional team leader role and have also been referred as the ‘backup’ or ‘chairman.’ They guide the team to what they need to achieve and accomplish. They are often excellent listeners and they are naturally able to recognize the value that each team member brings to the table. They are calm, cool and collective. The most common weaknesses are that team workers can delegate too often and are manipulative.
Shapers are people who challenges the team to improve. They are dynamic and usually extroverted people who enjoy stimulating others, questioning the usuals, and finding the best way to solve a problem. The Shaper is the one who shakes things up to make sure that everything is precisely considered and that the team does not become complacent.
Monitor evaluators are best at analyzing and evaluating ideas that other people come with. This role best suits those who are detached and unemotional. They seek the pros and cons of all the options before coming to a final
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These people fill the role of negotiators within the team and they are flexible, diplomatic and perceptive. They are capable of lending a hand when needed but can be indecisive at times.
An implementer is a person who get things done. They turn the team’s ideas and concepts into actions and plants. These are the ones you can count on to the job done. However they hate to change things.
Completer finishers are the people who see that projects are completed thoroughly They ensure that their project has no mistakes or errors. They pay attention to the smallest detail and hate procrastination. The weakness of this role is that this person tends to worry often and tend to have this heavy weight of stress when uncalled for at times. As for a specialist is those who have specialized knowledge that is needed to get the job done. They pride themselves on their skills and abilities, and they work to maintain their professional status. Their job within the group/ team is to be an expert and are depended on for their

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