Belbin Team Role Theory

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After extensive research and observation of team functioning Dr. Meredith Belbin published his findings in a book called ‘Management Teams: Why they succeed or fail’ in 1981. The feature which stood out most prominent was the importance of team roles in the success of effective teams. In other words the role that each person in the team plays or represent synced together to reach all objectives in the best way possible.
In 1969 Dr. Meredith Belbin was the chairman of the Industrial Training Research Unit at Cambridge in the United Kingdom. He started a computer-based research on effective teams in conjunction with the Administrative Staff Management College in Henley, also in the UK. They selected a few middle management teams who were given
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The Belbin Team Role Theory

1. Preferred participation and personal style of each role
There are nine team roles, each one have their own personal style and selectively fulfil their own roles. We will start with first team roles below:
PLANT (PL) - Their participation is to be creative, bring ideas and personal style is to be innovative.
Resource Investigator (RI) – He is a person who seeks information and resources so that the task can be executed. His personal style is to communicate with people and to be adventures and explore different avenues.
Coordinator (CO) – He is a person that knows that roles and responsibilities should take to ensure that his objective of coordinating his task achieved. His personal style of work is to facilitate the task at hand.
SHAPER (SH) - His participation is to direct activities to ensure that smooth flow of operations because he has a high standard to achieve his goals, he is aggressively. He wants to succeed and not fail.
Monitor evaluator (ME) - His participation is to critically assess the tasks at hand and activities to ensure everything is according to the plan. His personal style is attentiveness, vigilant and can be seen as “devil’s
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His personal style is to be on same level as everyone else in the team.
Implementer (IM) – His participation is to test and then implement ideas to see whether it will work practically and

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