Beliefs Surrounding Divorce Analysis

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Section 11 describes a tale of a happy married couple. A short time after their marriage, the husband, in agreement with his wife, goes off into the woods to hunt for a certain period of time. When he is due to return home, and makes his way there with a load of goods, he meets someone who reports that in his absence, his wife had been living with another man. The news saddens him greatly, so he decides to not return home, instead leaving to a relative’s house to spend the rest of his life there. The moral of this tale, and the conclusion of this section states that whoever acts in the manner of the characters in the story does a great wrong before the Creator; that such evil practices is forever forbidden by Him.

2) Concerns/Issues/Beliefs Surrounding Divorce In Western Society:
In westernized culture, divorce is relatively well accepted. Many people choose to divorce their spouse if they are unhappy, and some decide to find new happiness with someone else. Divorce is a normal part of society in places such as Canada, the United
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In the Catechism of the Catholic Church, #2382-2386, divorce is considered a serious offense. Yet, divorcees are not excommunicated from the Church, and are even encouraged to partake in Catholic practices. Pope Francis, the earthly leader of the Catholic Church himself, said so to a crowd in Rome in early August 2015. In recent years, in combination with more progressive thinking, the topic of divorce has been almost put “on the back burner” by Catholic institutions, and Catholics themselves in favour of focusing on decidedly more pressing issues, such as abortion. Many western, more open minded Catholics are fine with divorce, and may even embrace it in certain instances. Whereas many traditional Catholics may follow more closely what is written in the Catechism of the Catholic Church of divorce hurting the promise of salvation, and being an offense
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