Believing In Santa Claus Essay

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Christmas time brings quite a bit of feelings to countless people. Depending on the person it may lead to happiness, fun, and excitement. It can also have numerous people feeling sad, lonely and stressed. However, one feeling that several people share is belief or disbelief at this time of year in Santa Claus. Belief and disbelief in Santa Claus, this is the main aspect of the movie, Miracle on 34th Street that we will discuss over the next few pages. Out of the four films we watched in this class, this film would be my personal favorite. Miracle on 34th Street is a story about believing. Mainly is points out the narrative of believing in Santa Claus. When we first started this class we were asked to give an example of our favorite Christmas movie. My answer was the movie Elf. These movies…show more content…
One great example is the Easter Bunny. There aren’t many who could say that they didn’t believe in that amazing rabbit at some time in their life. As Santa did, the Easter Bunny also was a symbol of fun and happiness for young and old. One could also look at Thanksgiving and compare it to belief in Santa. Both share a common bond of giving and being kind and thankful. Although, probably one of biggest common grounds would be people’s belief in God. Some would not be delighted with this comparison. However, when you consider both individuals you can’t deny their similar traits: kindness, giving, and forgiving. Miracle on 34th Street is a robust movie with many characters. Some may argue over which character is the main; Susan or Kris Kringle. Though a large amount would agree that the little girl Susan is the main character. It is Susan that the movie focuses on in not believing in Santa and getting her to believe. This theme is paramount to the success of the movie, because without her learning to believe in Santa then other key moments in the movie would have possibly turned out
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