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After interviewing Belinda Fuentes, I learned a lot about what actually occurred in Venezuela during 1992 when the coup d 'etat occurred. For instance, I learned that the attacks between Chavez 's military and the government’s military really impacted the people in Caracas. for example Belinda and her family had to close the window and cover their faces with cloth in order to protect themselves from the tear gas that was released during the war in the street. many innocent civilians we 're also running and screaming in the streets and many of them were also my family members. what surprised me the most was that many people at the time work against the coop even though the you 're unhappy with the president. for instance when I did research…show more content…
During the 1990’s in Venezuela, there was a lot of violence and danger in the streets, due to the fights between the rebels and the government. Therefore I do not wish to experience the events that occurred. Life was definitely difficult at the time in Venezuela, but it is still difficult to this day due to Chavez’s presidency. for instance, Venezuela to date is a very unstable country with a horrible economy and many upset people hiding from danger. My subject would agree with me, because she fled Venezuela due to the unstable government and Corruption. These events impacted Belinda’s life due to all the violence she experienced. During the time, she was afraid of what was going to occur after the coup and she was saddened by all the killings of innocent civilians and upset at how Chavez and the government handled the…show more content…
Time has shaped my life experience in many different ways. For instance, I learned a lot during the years about my culture and where I am from. immigrating from Venezuela to America at a very young age Protected me from seeing a lot of violence and Corruption but also separated me from my family. Sadly, leaving my family and moving to a new country made my life very different from others. For example, I didn’t grow up with many cousins or family members, and I never got a chance to meet most of them, but the Venezuelan culture never left my lifestyle. Even though I am over two thousand miles away from where I was born and where my family is, i still only speak spanish at home and eat Venezuelan food almost every day of mylife. I don’t blame my parents for moving me to a different location, I thank them for leaving their families and every they knew behind, in order for my brother and I to grow up in a stable community where we don’t have to fear corruption and violence. If I could go back in time to the twentieth century, I would like to visit Hollywood during the 80’s. Since I am a big fan of movies from the 80’s like “Dirty Dancing” and “Footloose”, I would have loved to have been a part of one of those movies and danced in the background. I would also have loved to experience the 80’s, because I would have been able to puff my hair, without looking like I forgot to brush it. In addition, the 80’s also had great music from incredible artist like Michael Jackson,

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