Bell Hooks On Whiteness Analysis

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Essay 2 : On Whiteness In bell hooks’ passage entitled “Representing Whiteness in the Black Imagination” hooks describes whiteness as a privilege that coloured people do not have. In the passage hook mentions “whiteness” as purity but then also comes out with a past that changed how people view the white race. I personally knew that race had a huge impact on our society and has never changed from the past it has just continued on. White people are always treated disparate than people of colour. People of colour are acknowledged as being rowdy, loud voiced, more physical, rude, etc. Meanwhile white people are recognized in the society as respectful, kind, soft hearted people. I do not think that
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Intersectional analysis still matter because race still matters in this generation. Intersectional analysis is a theory of discrimination with an individual identity, race, sex, age, and other characteristics. I personally think that not only women face intersectionality but men do as well. In this essay, I will argue that bell hooks’ main argument is how white people do not know what people of colour are going through and how “whiteness” has more privileges then the blacks. hooks approach is intersectional because people of colour are being treated as slaves to the “white” just because of their race and at times their gender. It was not their fault to be born in a dark skin tone so why are they being treated as slaves. And in contrast to/just like McIntosh, hook viewed the white privilege different compare to McIntosh thinks that whites know what the coloured people are going through in their daily life except the fact that they do not actually realize how much pain and struggle one coloured person goes through in a day for example a coloured women/men…show more content…
We live in a society where there's no faith in humanity. We all thought that racism would disappear and everyone would be treated equally but here we are now where Donald Trump is the president and what could we worse expect other than our society and generation to get more racist, equality to decrease and much more worse things to happen in our next generation. Donald Trump is an example of how racism is still evident and still exists in todays modern society. Someone in such a high authoritative position who is blinded by the “white privilege” that was stated in the White Privileges: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack by Peggy McIntosh. He realizes the so call advantage he may have compared to people in other races and gender spectrums and say such provocative, inappropriate comments in the media. For example he had made a comment about building a wall between Mexico and the USA because all Mexicans are rapists and criminals. This is the same man who had targeted females and said such vulgar comments towards them. In other words the outcome of the election that Donald trump was elected president was a wake up call. After all the comments he had made by being racist and sexist, he still had a huge amount of supporters. Which is evident that racism still exists
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