Bell Hooks Seeing And Making Culture Representing The Poor Summary

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In Bell Hooks’ essay, “Seeing and Making Culture: Representing the Poor”, Hooks addresses and clarifies the misinterpretations that people have of the assumptions made of the poor, how poor individuals are viewed in human culture and how the poor are represented on television. She helps the audience understand how these assumptions are wrong. Hooks begins her first point by addressing the false assumptions that are made every day about poor people through expressing her own experiences. She begins by talking about her college experience of how her own professors and fellow students believed and “always portrayed the poor as shiftless, mindless, lazy, dishonest, and unworthy” (Paragraph 5). This experience shocked her because she never grew up materialistic. She brings up the fact that she is the person with the strong and good values that she has today because she grew up in a poor family. In culture, the poor are always being stereotyped. People in poverty are generally portrayed as worthless and this is because culture today illustrates a man’s worth from how materially successful they are. Hooks explains how this kind of representation of the poor can mentally and emotionally handicap and entire society of people in poverty. She goes into an example of how a…show more content…
She uses her own experiences as well as television shows to support her claim throughout her essay. Hooks establishes her credibility quite quickly because she was an individual that experienced the misinterpretations first hand. She uses many different techniques to establish the reader’s attention. The intended readers for her essay are individuals whom are making false assumptions about poor people and families and for the poor themselves. She hopes by drawing light upon the topic that things will change for the
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