Bell Tolls Compare And Contrast Essay

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The role of Americans in foreign crisis. United States has been involved in many overseas interventions throughout its history. In many countries of foreign conflict the Americans are bound to be there, intervening and taking action as if it’s their own problem. Americans living overseas for various reasons some are for jobs, getting rid of the past, and even political gains. In the novel For Whom the Bell Tolls written by Ernest Hemingway and The Quiet American by Graham Greene, both story takes place on foreign soil. Both of these works story tells the ambitious political desire and the disillusion belief that the American characters are under influence of. In For Whom the Bell Tolls, Hemingway tells the story of Robert Jordan. He left his …show more content…

Tomorrow night they would be outside the Escorial in the dark along the road; the long lines of trucks loading the infantry in the darkness; the men, heavy loaded, climbing up into the trucks; the machine-gun sections lifting their guns into the trucks; the tanks being run up on the skids onto the long-bodied tank trucks; pulling …show more content…

The story involves Thomas Fowler a British journalist living in Saigon and covering the conflict between French colonial forces and Viet communists. Few years into his assignment he meets Alden Pyle, an American intelligence operative working undercover in Economic Aid Mission. Thomas who has been in the region for a few years has left him to believe that people are motivated by self-interest. On the other hand, Pyle who is new to the region, came with a desire to promote social and political change. Both man being love-struck by a Vietnamese woman named Phuong, often intensifies the conflict of the story, especially between Pyle and Fowler. However, Fowler soon learns of Pyle involvement in a car bombing the killed many innocent civilians are killed. Fowler takes drastic action and assassinate Pyle. Phuong remain with Fowler and is happy. Fowler, however, imbedded with guilt for what he has done. Thomas Fowler sees the fault in Pyle and speaks about him throughout his

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