Bella Abzug: A Modern Day Hero

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Think about when someone helped you in life and they always have a plan B if things so south, and they find ways to solve problems. A hero can also be someone who helps others with homework, helps someone carry things, or even help someone cook. A modern day hero is someone who helps our society, and helps other people when they need help. Or you could be a like Bella Abzug is an perfect example amazing because she helped the world. Bella Abzug is a hero to women by helping them with the rights we have today, she has overcome many obstacles, and she has made a difference in the world. Bella Abzug loved helping women and fighting for what was right. “At a young age she was offended that women were not treated the same as men” (“Abzug”). Bella knew she had to become a lawyer to help women get the rights women deserve. So that they could vote and own land like a man could. Not to mention, at a young age she knew that she…show more content…
“She wanted to help other people become a lawyer” (“Bella”). If other people could become lawyers then they could make a difference in the world like Abzug. Furthermore, she always believed in other people and that’s what other people need to do in this world. “She has protested, against the Spanish Civil War, she decided to be a lawyer, etc” (“Abzug”). She also new that if she fought for the rights she knew were right then she could change the world. For this reason, when one another believe in each other is what they have to drive them to make a difference. Additionally, Bella Abzug has outstanding traits of a hero, like how she helped women by giving the rights we have today, she has overcome many obstacles in her life and career, and she has made a difference in the world. For people who feel like they can go out and change the world but they are to scared to, it’s important to have these role models to show them it is possible. If you want to make a difference, what are you waiting
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