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Bella Bond- a sweet faced two year old little girl. Upon her death, her body was stuffed into a trash bag and left on the Deer Island beach near Boston Harbor. Her body was found on June 25th 2015 on Deer Island right off of Boston harbor by woman walking her dog. From the body, the police were able to develop computer generated face that looked very much like a photo and had a striking resemblance to Bella Bond. Mom Arrested After 'Baby Doe ' Identified as Dead Child Found in Harbor As background information developed into many details, the case got stranger and stranger. The mother Rachelle Bond and the mother 's boyfriend Michael McCarthy were both accused of murdering the little girl. Bond is being accused of accessory to murder after the fact, and McCarthy is charged with the actual…show more content…
Bella 's life before the murder was far from what any little girl should have to live through. In 2012 her mom Rachelle was a 36 year old and homeless drug addict and prostitute. She went to court and tried to get out of going to prison. On the day Bond went to court she had one saving grace which she hoped would keep her out of prison, being pregnant with little baby Bella. She was hoping to go back to rehab but in fact was sent to prison. Right after her release was when little baby Bella was born. Bella was born at Boston Medical Center on August 6th 2012. For many months after she was born the newborn and mother lived at a homeless shelter affiliated with The Dimock Center in Roxbury. After Bella 's birth Rachelle swore she would have a better life for herself and her baby. She was going to find them a home and raise the little girl. Friends and family said they saw a change in Rachelle after Bella 's birth. Here is Bella smiling, laughing, and pointing on her birthday. She has a crown on her head, princess wand in her hand, and a cute little party dress on. This does not look like an abused child; however things were going on behind closed doors at the Bond

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