Belle And The Beast Film Techniques

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Cinematography is art of making motion pictures and there is huge amount of people watching all around the world. They use art films in many genres like documentaries,cartoons, experimental films,education shorts. They recall most exciting or tearful moments in the movies.

There are different types of lighting in the movie. In this movie high-key lighting and low-key lighting are used primarily in the movie. Low-key lighting is described as extreme use of deep shadows, with contrast between the brightest parts of the scenes and the darkest parts. In one of the scene Belle asks Beast to come out in the light so she can see him. Before that Belle offered herself as the prisoner to save his father from the beast as the beast made her father sick. Since that scene the lights are more horrifying because they want the viewers to believe that beast is the character you should be scared of so that the viewers can relate to Belle’s fear.

In high-key lighting you don’t see same emotions compare to low-key lighting. In the scene where the Belle and the Beast were dancing together after their romantic dinner night. This shows how happy they feel and how they are falling in love which is the moment happiness for all characters. Overall the film uses more of the high-key light in contrast to …show more content…

As Belle and the Beast danced together the artists of this film constantly altered perspectives. While their dance together, Beast feels comfortable as Belle familiarizes him with the waltz. As the chandelier is placed at the forefront of the image and Belle and the Beast are in the distance, this shows the depth of the scene. As this shot continues the camera moves along with the characters in actual ballroom. In a wide shot of Belle and the Beast dancing, the camera begins dollying back to Mrs.Potts and Chip. This compositions and camera movements show us how space works within an animated feature

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